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My philosophy of treatment is underpinned by a strong belief in the individual and their ability to adapt and operate within their environment. Psychological Therapy assists in the development of a deeper understanding and acquisition of new skills to meet the challenges of life enabling management of emotions and reactions, relationships and work.

About Me

I was born in Australia and initially worked and studied nursing in several states before moving to the United Kingdom. While Overseas I pursued my interest in Psychology gaining a degree at Surrey University. Following my return to Australia I gained my Registration as a psychologist and joined the College of Health Psychology. I have continued studying and attending workshops on different forms of treatment.

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I work with individuals to assist in their developing skills for the future and enabling recognition the skills already developed. This assists with personal, work and family situations. As a Health Psychologist I also work with those suffering from Chronic Illnesses and Injuries and how best to manage these changes in lifestyle.

Each session is 50-60 minutes long and I am accredited with Private Health Insurance Companies as well as TAC and Work Cover Agencies and Government Services including Primary Health Networks and the Medicare Rebate.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This Therapy examines the relationship between thinking, feeling and behaviour. This method is very useful in changing nuisance habits and does work well in conjunction with other forms of therapy.


This may also be used for relaxation but also is used to challenge stuck thoughts and is useful in challenging nuisance behaviours and pain management.

Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

Following trauma flashbacks are often an ongoing reminder of the trauma; this treatment is one way of dealing with trauma.

Emotional Field Therapy

This form of treatment also works with traumatic situations and can rebuild confidence.


A method of calming the body and brain; this also enables clearer thinking.

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